Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Caring for Waxed Floors

After a floor has been stripped and sealed or waxed with an acrylic finish, certain steps need to be taken to maintain it. Using the wrong chemicals to clean it can drastically shorten the life of the finish but using the correct ones can extend the life of the finish and keep the floor looking good much longer than otherwise.

Dust mopping or vacuuming the floor (or sweeping it with a soft tipped broom) are good things to do. No dust mop treatment, please, as it will leave a residue that will eventually dull the floor.

An acrylic waxed floor may be damp mopped with warm or cool water and a neutral cleaner. Neutral cleaners have a Ph of 7 and will not attack the finish. Any janitorial supply store will have a neutral cleaner for sale and since you use only a capful in two gallons of water, a gallon of neutral cleaner will last a long time. For spot cleaning, you can make up a mild solution in a spray bottle by using only a few drops of neutral cleaner in the bottle of water. Often marks on a newly waxed floor will scrub off with a terry towel. A white scrub pad (designed for use on glass, Teflon, plastic) may be gently used as well. Wet the floor with neutral cleaner solution while using any scrub pad. Read more...

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