Thursday, July 21, 2011

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There are various types of natural stone floors ranging from the luxurious and highly expensive marble, to the more rustic but still classic limestone, each type of stone has its range of qualities but one factor they all share is that due to their unique natural appearance, they all look incredible as a choice of flooring.

Natural stone is available in an almost limitless range of shapes, designs, colours and even types of finish, and it is often for aesthetic reasons that it is chosen as a type of floor in both domestic and commercial locations.

Natural stone is often chosen, however, on the basis of its durability and all types of stone, although generally expensive, do represent a resistant and long lasting option. Many people assume that this resistance and durability immediately translates into ease of maintenance, which is not necessarily the case. While it is true that some types of stone are easier to maintain than others – you will quickly find that any floor will soon lose its visual appeal if left uncared for, for too long.

There are several basic steps to protecting your floor which, if followed regularly, should leave your floor looking good for many years to come. Assuming the floor has been professionally installed and that there are no cracks or faults – your first step should be the application of a good quality sealant. Sealants offer an additional layer of protection against spillages and ease your general cleaning efforts. It is important to consider sealing the grout The material used to fill the spaces between tiles) as a priority as it is a porous substance that stains easily and often a clean floor can look unsatisfactory based on discolouring of the grout. It is also important that the floor is clean before it is sealed (amazingly this is often overlooked) and that the right sealant is chosen. A stone floor cleaning specialist will be able to recommend one for you. Read more....DIY Home Remodeling » Blog Archive » The basics of stone floor cleaning -

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